vatsala_mehraVatsala Mehra has released her sixteenth album, “Mere Saaiyan” It is a Sufi Album consisting of five songs individually available on ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other sites.

In this album, you hear an artist breaking free and exploring sufism, vibrant and soulful, energetic and mesmerizing. The music is composed with a symphony of sounds, harmonium, guitar, drums, tabla and keyboard – all blended together to create the tapestry to move you, physically and emotionally. Love is an absolute theme of this album.  Vatsala Mehra has been acclaimed worldwide for her diverse repertoire that includes 16 CDs/Albums, recorded with major music companies in India.

Vatsala – one who spreads love wherever she goes, and is exactly what Vatsala does with her vibrant voice, celebrating an epoch in Ghazal singing. An era of excellence and fluid interpretations. At the age of seven, Vatsala knew she wanted to be a singer and today the world knows it. Her formal training was done under Pandit Waslekar, Chotte Iqbal and Ustad Momin Khan Saab of Lucknow Gharana. Her breathtaking voice, with its perfect bass notes and astonishing range, breaks all barriers with its purity. Her style of presentation seems to add sheen to the timeless renditions.

Having settled in USA, she went to India to release her first album Guftgu in 1980. Since then the trek has always been upward. It was followed by Shamakhana II , Khazana I and Khazana II in and  respectively; Nigahen , Hasrat , followed by Nasheeli Peshkash and two pop albums, Ole Ole and Jhoom Jhoom. ‘Ole Ole’ was rated in the top ten records. Atlantic Video rereleased the Nigahen video. Other ghazal releases include Shokhiyan, Gubar , Meri Jaan , Live at the Kennedy Center and Laleiyan Jogee Naal in 2014.