Here’s what the press has to say about Ms. Mehra:

Vatsala Mehra captivated the audience with her astonishing vocal range and stirring bass notes in classics such as Mast Kalandar and Chhap Tilak, besides thumri and dadra at the prestigious 12th annual Shaniwarwada Dance and Music Festival held in Pune.
The Indian Express
In a firm and yet fluty voice, the artiste revived the halcyon days of Begum Akhtar and Saigal.
Times of India
Her mellifluous voice along with youthful and bubbly vitality in her renditions has a magnetic attraction for the young and old alike.
Husky expressive voice.
Evening News
Passionate sensuous voice.
Leaves her audience awestruck with her energetic singing
The Telegraph
Breathes life in to her ghazals
Captivates the audience with a scintillating concert
The Delhi Age
A masterpiece of emotional expression
Gulf Times
…clear pure voice sounds like Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez
Washington Post
…Every Indian owes her a debt of gratitude in the same measure owed to artistes like Lata, Asha, Talat or Parveen Sultana
Express India
Veritable feast for ghazal aficionados at the Kennedy Center
India Abroad
…outstanding ghazal singer
The Hindustan Times

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